How to Add Healthy Fats to Your Diet

More and more research suggests that healthy fats should be incorporated into the diet in order to improve cholesterol. Cholesterol is primarily comprised of LDL ("bad") cholesterol and HDL ("good") cholesterol. High cholesterol is a condition in which you have too much LDL cholesterol in your blood. Buildup of LDLs in the blood leads to plaque formations in your arteries that cause heart attacks and strokes. However, having high HDL levels is ideal as this good cholesterol is responsible for removing LDL from arterial walls. 


Supplements Are No Substitute for Good Nutrition

Every once in a while I visit some of the main chain health food stores in order to stay in the loop with the latest dietary supplements available on the market. One thing’s for certain, supplements are a multi-billion dollar global industry with Americans alone spending over $20 billion a year on exotic herbs, vitamins, minerals, hormones and weight loss pills amongst other things.


Nutrition Tip: Understanding Serving Sizes

Numerous studies show that a lot of people overeat due to a misunderstanding of portion sizes compared to serving sizes. The "Serving Size" of a product is always displayed at the very top of its food label and is typically listed in ounces, tablespoons, cups, or other common units of measurement. There is also a grams reading in parenthesis, which indicates how much the serving size weighs.


Six of the Best Exercises for Sculpting Lean Arms

Oftentimes people ask me "how do I get rid of this?", pointing to the flab on their arms and around their shoulders. Some people even wiggle their arms for me in order to emphasize the point. If you have excess flab around your arms and shoulders, the only natural remedy involves a combination of sensible eating, fat burning with cardiovascular (cardio) exercise, and regular weight training, especially for the muscles of your arms and shoulders.


Health and Fitness Tips: March

A Point to Ponder:

Your environment may not always support your efforts to be healthy but the fact of the matter is that you are in charge of your own lifestyle behaviors. Healthy living is all about choice.  You have many opportunities to make positive lifestyle choices about what you eat and what you do.  In order to be healthy in the long-term, you need to make the best choices whenever possible.  Remember this next the time you "SUPER SIZE IT" or take the elevator instead of the stairs.



Infographic: How America Has Become an Overly Medicated, Pill-Popping Nation

If I were to sum up my views on leading a healthy lifestyle I would simply say that: Exercise is medicine and optimal nutrition is an enabler of good health. I believe that human beings are designed to be physically active and that not doing so creates energy and nutritional imbalances within the body that ultimately contribute to chronic disease and other health problems, including obesity.


The Secret to Achieving Permanent Weight Loss in the New Year

For many people, January is the most important month of each year. It's the month when most of us feel renewed, refreshed and full of hope and promise. It is also the month during which people start working towards their goals to lose weight, get healthy and become physically fit. Unfortunately, without proper planning and foresight about 90 percent of these goals result in failure and this usually occurs by January 31st.

If you have resolved to lose weight in the new year, here are three tips for making your weight loss a success, permanently. 

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